Nature in the City: A Day in Valencia’s Botanical Quarter

Valencia’s Botanical Quarter is a green haven in the urban heart, where nature and history intertwine to offer residents and visitors a space of tranquility and beauty. This neighborhood is known not only for its iconic Botanical Garden, but also for the charming Hesperides Garden, two oases that provide a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Botanical Garden: A Legacy of Biodiversity

The Botanical Garden of Valencia is one of the oldest in Spain, founded in the sixteenth century. This space not only serves as a center for research and conservation of plant species, but also as a meeting place for those seeking to enjoy the serenity and shade of its ancient trees. With more than 4,500 species of plants, the garden is a year-round spectacle, offering an ever-changing landscape that reflects the diversity of the world’s flora.

The Garden of the Hesperides: A Mythical Tale

A short distance from the Botanical Garden is the Garden of the Hesperides, named after the nymphs who in Greek mythology guarded the golden apples. This garden is relatively new, created in 2000, and is dedicated to mythology and citrus plants, especially oranges and lemons, which have played such an important role in Valencia’s agricultural history. The garden’s design incorporates artistic elements and sculptures that evoke mythology, creating a space that is not only green, but also culturally enriching.

A Day in the Botanical Quarter

Visiting the Botanical Quarter offers the opportunity to disconnect and immerse yourself in nature without leaving the city. A day here can begin with a morning stroll through the Botanical Gardens, followed by a coffee or typical Valencian lunch (esmorzaret) in one of the local restaurants, brasseries and cafes. Afterwards, a visit to the Hesperides Garden for a leisurely stroll among sculptures and orange trees. This neighborhood is also full of small art galleries and boutiques, allowing visitors to combine nature appreciation with the enjoyment of local art and shopping.