We are delighted to represent France in this gastronomic itinerary through the Christmas Dishes of the World, published by journalist Almudena Ortuño in Hedonist Guide, on December 20, 2019.

This article offers a glimpse into the Christmas gastronomic traditions celebrated in the land of origin of nine foreign restaurateurs based in Valencia. Our chef Emmanuelle Malibert takes us to the ‘romance of the French with the gastronomy that is enkindled during Christmas’, as Almudena points out in this succulent tour.

We invite you to enjoy this gastronomic trip around the world with stopovers in:

  • France: Emmanuelle Malibert | Brasserie –  Atmopshère Restaurant
  • Germany: Bernd H. Knöller | Restaurante Riff
  • England: Steve Anderson | Ma Khin Café y Baalbec
  • Greece: Alkis Strimenos | Kuzina
  • Italy: Carlo D’Anna | Trattoria Da Carlo
  • Mexico: José Gloria | La Llorona
  • Argentina: Germán Carrizo | Fierro y Doña Petrona
  • Perú: Anita Patrón | Ancón
  • Japan: Yoshi Yanome | Tastem

❗️Bon appétit et Bon voyage❗️

We invite you to read the full article at: https://valenciaplaza.com/platos-navidad-mundo