Atmosphère Manifesto

Alma y bio of the Chef – Emmanuelle Malibert

Cooking is an act of love and creativity in which I share my vision of the enjoyment of gastronomy from honesty and authenticity, as a manifestation of a long, very personal life process.

The language with which I express my passion for food is inspired by the maxim ‘World cuisine with a French touch’, as a result of my inexhaustible curiosity to explore the world, to know the singularities of each corner, to connect them with my French origin and to shape them through gastronomy in the terroir where I live. So many journeys and experiences, in one way or another, always converge in a fundamental human act: eating.

For me, magic happens in every bite and every food that tastes of cultural enrichment

‘World cuisine with a French twist’

In Atmosphère’s kitchen we want to offer balance, diversity and the contribution of all the necessary elements for a healthy life and healthy eating. We propose a cuisine with identity, gastronomic encounter and cultural enrichment through miscegenation and the modernization of traditional recipes and dishes, with a touch of here and there, that is as coherent as it is surprising.

This enjoyment of cosmopolitan gastronomic culture is intimately connected to the conviction that food is responsible for our health. For this reason, since the opening of Atmosphère in January 2007, we have always pursued the same goal: to offer a cuisine based on trust for the quality of the product, which allows us to create healthy, original and, of course, tasty food for the enjoyment of a comprehensive wellness experience in our establishment.

Local food, Km0, artisans and trusted suppliers

Our commitment and differential value is the guarantee that all dishes are prepared daily in the restaurant’s kitchen. The menus are prepared based on the daily purchase of the best fresh products on the market depending on the seasonality, giving priority to food from Km0 producers, proximity and artisans, who carry out good agricultural and livestock practices.

We always cook without additives, without preservatives and we do not use pre-cooked or fifth-range products. We take into account balance in the menus so that they meet the criteria of a balanced diet. Also the right size of the portions to actively collaborate with the non-waste of food.

In this way, we expect our customers to fully enjoy the satisfaction of eating well and a pleasant experience with a sense of responsibility, with their health and sustainability.

Good atmosphere, friendliness, hospitality and smiles with a French touch

I love that Atmosphère is a meeting point and transmission of culture through gastronomy, for curious people and citizens of the world who want to feel at home. It’s not easy, but it’s our ambition to make people who enter Atmosphère feel better and enjoy moments of happiness during the time we’re going to spend together.

Together, the entire kitchen and dining room team, we cultivate a family relationship with all our regular customers who know us a little bit after more than thirteen years together, and in this way we provide the opportunity for new people to come to Atmosphère. Residents and visitors of the city who make and feel the world their own, enjoying the encounter with people, gastronomy, good food and like to feel at home.

Welcome to Atmosphère!