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Dishes and prices to pick up at the restaurant

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Soupe à l'oignon. Traditional French onion soup with its Emmental cheese toast

8,00 €

Salad with roasted red peppers, cucumber, carrots, croutons, olives and Caesar sauce

7,00 €

Mollet egg (organic), pea emulsion, ham in 2 textures, wild asparagus


Steamed leeks, Béarnaise à l'estragon sauce

7,00 €

Russian salad with kimchee mayonnaise and tuna belly

7,00 €

Sweet potato roast, beetroot, pardine lentils, goat cheese roto, sunflower seeds, orange-tahini dressing (suitable for vegetarians and vegans)



Beef cheek bourguignon with parmentier

9,50 €

Iberian pork confit with orange served with creamy celery

9,50 €

Baked salmon, beurre blanc sauce, julienne vegetables

10,50 €

Bouillabaisse Marseillaise: exquisite and famous seafood soup of fish, seafood, mashed potatoes and toast de rouille


Cod with potatoes a lo pobre

9,50 €

Green Monkfish Curry Great Sun, Prawn, Basmati Rice

9,50 €

Creamy rice of the day

7,50 €

Pumpkin ravioli, shiitake mushrooms, parmesan flakes, mushroom sauce and fresh sage, corn crunch


(Vegetarian Friendly Dish)

Couscous, fine herbs, chickpeas, carrots, zucchini, red peppers, green oil, almond emulsion and its crunches


(suitable for vegetarians and vegans)


Caramelized apple tarte tatin

6,00 €

Creamy chocolate cake with shortcrust coffee base

6,00 €

Cheesecake with red fruit coulis and botany

6,00 €

Changes may occur in the dishes.

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Full TARTE TATIN: 35€ (Order 48 hours in advance)

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Fresh meal of the day, cooked entirely in our restaurant.
Simple recipes with a surprising touch, without additives, preservatives or fifth-range products.

At Atmosphère we pay special attention to details that are not visible to diners; those that happen between pots and pans, during the daily choice of food and quality suppliers to guarantee an optimal pantry.

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