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The best French, creative and fusion cuisine in Valencia.

Emmanuelle Malibert’s ‘Cuisine of the world with a French touch’ is an expression of the French idiosyncrasy as a cosmopolitan country, with a lot of mixture and crossing of nationalities. An enriching reality that translates into a fusion with its own identity, taking the best of the culinary tradition of France, in creative symbiosis with Spanish, Mediterranean, European cuisine, with influences from the cuisines of Asia, America and North Africa.

And in honor of the concept of the French three-course menu to enjoy balanced and harmonious food, with a progression of flavors and textures, our special attention to desserts, all handmade in our own kitchen, with special mention to our famous Tarte Tatin.

Healthy, comfortable and balanced cuisine.
Careful elaborations based on details and the exhaustive search for excellence, of good food served with passion.

Daily Menu | Atmosphère Tasting Menu | BistroSphére Tasting Menu.

The daily menu includes a variety of authentic, fresh and appetizing dishes so that each diner can enjoy a balanced and delicious meal by choosing a first, a second and a dessert.

The tasting menus are a journey through our ‘Cuisine of the world with a French touch’ in tasting plate format, taking as a starting point the proposal of the menu of the day.