Yes, they have chosen to live in Spain!

“Whether they discovered it for love, for professional reasons or simply as tourists, these French people have decided to live in Spain and they explain why…”

“Valencia is such an easy city to live in…”

So begins this article published on page 106 of Direction Espagne 7 magazine, which tells the story of Emmanuelle Malibert’s love affair with the City of Turia and her career as a chef at Brasserie – Restaurant Atmosphère.

In addition to that comprehensive profile, Emmanuelle is also interviewed in the special on ‘La paella’, on page 8 of the same issue #7 of the magazine, published for the months of December 2018 to February 2019.

Led by journalist and reporter Vivien Couzelas, Direction Espagne is a French magazine about Spain and the French-speaking community living in our country, which aims to bring the culture, beauty and joy of living in Spain to French-speaking readers.

We invite you to read the article on page 106 at the following link:

We invite you to read the article on page 8 in the following link:
Entrevista Emmanuelle sobre La paella- página 8

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