Atmosphère Dinner Menu

Dinner with a French touch

ATMOSPHÈRE DINNERS celebrate fine dining, wines, space and the meeting of people.

An opportunity to experience a sensory journey through our gastronomic proposal of ‘Cuisine of the world with a French touch’, with the quality commitment to offer a current cuisine based on the deep knowledge of tradition, healthy and coherent.

A time of joy and a way of feeling gastronomy as an expression of joy, the elegance of simplicity and the care to make each evening an opportunity to create a record in the memory and a bond of satisfaction with each person who chooses our establishment.

We propose a gastronomic journey through the territories of the splendor of quality products with recipes carefully created and selected by our chef Emmanuelle Malibert, with the characteristic friendly and professional room service, in an environment designed so that every detail of the decor is integrated into a casual, exquisite and unique experience around gastronomy.

The interior design of Brasserie – Restaurant Atmosphère is the creation of the acclaimed French designer Jean-Pierre Bouvée and his team of Atelier JP Bouvée.

An atmosphere that invites you to recreate the moment, to enjoy the details that conspire to seduce the senses. A small paradise evocative of the comfort that accompanies the entire Atmosphère experience.