Guía Hedonista de Jesús Terrés & Colaboradores  is a declaration of intent in the gastronomic and pleasure territory with its maxim “Be hedonistic, but a lot”.

On April 7, 2017, Paula Pons wrote: “Atmosphère is an oasis within El Carmen, a refuge where Emmanuelle’s cuisine makes time pass at a different pace.”

We quote verbatim from the first paragraph:

“Atmosphère is an open secret. Very frequented by the residents of the neighborhood, and for a long time also by people who make a pilgrimage on purpose just to try this cuisine of the world with French touches and that tarte tatin that is simply perfect. “If I took it off the menu, I would lose 80% of my customers,” says Emmanuelle. This woman has been at the helm of this restaurant for ten years and, in order to enter for the first time, someone has to discover you. Its location inside the Institut Français makes it virtually invisible from the outside…”

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