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On February 7, 2018, Vicent Molins wrote this magnificent article: Atmosphère, la cocina francesa que enamora a Valencia una década después, from which we quote verbatim the first two paragraphs:

“Emmanuelle Malibert is a Frenchwoman rooted in Valencia through the kitchen. One of those few prodigies in the dining room that spreads a love for simple, traveling, natural cuisine. In 2007 he opened Atmosphère, within the city’s Institut Français, in the heart of the historic centre. Malibert’s mission at the time was to offer a French-inspired proposal, eminently fresh.

Their daily menu would be the standard. It would change it every day and allow him to develop a whole range of taste possibilities that, to a greater or lesser extent, speak French. Ten years have passed since all that and Malibert has nailed his goals. There are many adepts who, in the inter-week flow, find in the hall and on the terrace of Atmosphère a small fulminating disconnection…”

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