Attention hedonists of the pleasures of fine dining: Lidia Caro, journalist of Guía Hedonista, portrays Emmanuelle Malibert’s declaration of intent at Atmosphère in this article entitled nothing more and nothing less “Emmanuelle Malibert claims a (twice) new French cuisine at Atmosphère”.

It even recalls the words of Paula Pons, director of Guía Hedonista: Atmosphère is “an open secret. Very frequented by the neighbors of the neighborhood, and for some time now also by people who make a pilgrimage on purpose just to try this world cuisine with French touches and that tarte tatin that is simply perfect. The basis of her cuisine, lifelong recipes, to which she adds her personal and creative touch…”.

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Our sincere thanks to journalist Lidia Caro, photographer Kike Taberner and the whole team of Guía Hedonista.