Guía Hedonista earns every day the honor of being the gastronomic compass for lovers of good food, with its incisive and refreshing journalism.

They are the reporters of what goes on in the kitchens, what happens in the dining room and in the back rooms of each establishment they visit; on this occasion the journalist Paula Pons and our chef Emmanuelle Malibert have rushed a delicious conversation of twenty questions and answers that take the creative temperature of the establishment and its chef, without forgetting that a long after-dinner conversation or a relaxed evening of socializing at Atmosphère is pending.

This is how this intrepid interview begins:

“Atmosphère is hidden in the depths of the Carmen neighborhood, but once you find it, you never forget it. Nor do you forget her, Emmanuelle, the woman at the helm of this unique restaurant that prepares world cuisine with a French touch. Her kindness, her closeness and simplicity, her smile, her principled approach to cooking and her tarte tatin speak for themselves. Joie de vivre!..”

We invite you to read the full article published on February 15, 2019 by clicking on the image:

Atraco Hedonista a Emmanuelle Malibert