El Comidista put us in his“Map of the best menus of the day” in Spain. An indescribable satisfaction, because Mikel López Iturriaga is a voice, a signature and an uncompromising style that we love. We still remember with emotion that Tuesday, July 26, 2011 when we read:

We quote verbatim an excerpt from the article:

“Do you feel tired of always eating the same menus of the day? Is your stomach about to suffer a Fukushima from eating so many sad iceberg lettuce salads, stale pasta, greasy chickens and industrial desserts? Don’t despair. Together, we can ensure that the experience of eating for a fixed price at noon does not destroy our health and our palate”

On the map above you can see 25 places where you can eat good menus of the day…


The café-terrace of the French Institute of Valencia is not only a special place with a chic touch, but also serves unpretentious French or Asian food at a more than reasonable price. Vichysoisses, tartines, savoury biscuits, parmentiers or tarts tatin are tastefully combined with other Mediterranean or international dishes…”

We invite you to read the full article at: