CadenaSer – Radio Valencia presents you in his … Pequeños templos del buen comer such as the “Restaurant located inside the French Institute of Valencia, a small temple of good food that mixes trends from around the world without forgetting its origins”

We are thrilled to re-read the publication signed by Inma Pardo on April 10, 2015, from which we quote verbatim the first two paragraphs:

“Atmosphère is the restaurant you always come back to sooner or later. It is the small place that brings it all together, a good place to have breakfast, to have a coffee, a snack, and above all to eat at noon. Because Atmosphère is open from early in the morning and only offers dinner twice a month.

Here, the customers, many of them, are regulars. And that says enough about the local. Its manager, Emmanuelle Malibert, is just as enthusiastic about cooking as she is about explaining her dishes: “I change the menu every day, because I don’t like to repeat”. And there is always so much to cook, taking a small gastronomic journey through different countries of the world. He told us in Ser Viajeros “that once, a customer told him that they make world food with a French touch.” And he loved that…”

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