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On January 14, 2016, Marisol Salanova published an interesting article focused on the role of decoration and interior design in restaurants: When art is a hook to the stomach and L’Atmosphère passed with flying colors.

We quote verbatim an excerpt from the article:

“We’ve all had the experience at some point of being in a restaurant and noticing the paintings hanging on its walls, feeling a punch in the stomach, haven’t we? The lighting of the place, its decoration and furniture, as well as the layout, contribute to how comfortable we feel, to how much we enjoy the experience, so it’s appreciated when, beyond a simple desire to decorate, artistic pieces are incorporated into the atmosphere, but one must be careful because not everything goes…”

“…On the terrace of Atmosphere, the restaurant of the French Institute of Valencia, we have enjoyed interventions by the fun and endearing artist Joan Verdú, the street art of Vinz, or a wonderful illustration by the cartoonist Paco Roca who, in addition to intervening on the restaurant’s wall at its inauguration, was signing comics right there. An initially desolate and ugly inner courtyard has been transformed by the owners into a cozy and beautiful corner where art surrounds and inspires you while you taste a menu designed to surprise, of French style, of course, with appropriate wines and a spectacular tarte tatin. It doesn’t have a garden and the sun comes at times, few times, but there’s also no wind, and both the treatment and the advantage they have taken from the mural make you want to return to enjoy its gastronomy…”

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