Las Provincias published an insightful article signed by Jose Forés Romero on May 22, 2014, in which he highlights the good positioning of Valencian gastronomy and within the sector, the “establishments that have settled in unique spaces such as museums, institutions and professional associations, providing them with an offer that attracts a large audience”

In the article  Aquí también se come – Museos o Institutos de Valencia acogen en su interior restaurantes de nivel, Forés Romero reviews who were the pioneers who had the vision to locate themselves in these spaces, among which is the restaurant L’Atmosphere:

We quote verbatim an excerpt from the article:

“… Eating well, high-level gastronomy in cultural spaces or of academic interest, as is the case at the French Institute of Valencia. Located on Moro Zeit Street, it hides inside one of those friendly, comfortable, quiet corners where you can also enjoy the elaborate French cuisine at very competitive prices, and that was the commission that its manager received eight years ago.

«The then director asked me to be a reference and not just another one, and that’s what we’re working on,» says Emmanuelle Malibert.

The site is open two nights a month with its gourmet dinners paired with French wines, although it will be open to Valencian wines. Malibert also places special emphasis on his type of cuisine: “We are world cuisine with a French touch”…”

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