At Atmosphere, each dish tells a story, a fusion of tradition and innovation. Today, we’re excited to share the story behind one of our most celebrated dishes: Cheek Bourguignon. This dish has not only captured the essence of modern French cuisine, but has also recently been highlighted for its excellence and originality.


Origins and Inspiration of Bourguignon de Carrillera

Just as our beloved chef Emmanuelle Malibert has revolutionized French cuisine at Atmosphere, our Bourguignon de carrillera represents the essence of our culinary philosophy. We seek to create dishes that resonate with our diners, combining traditional techniques with a contemporary touch.

The Bourguignon de carrillera is an homage to the rich flavors of Burgundy, France. Inspired by this classic, we have adapted the recipe to reflect the freshness and quality of local ingredients, while maintaining the depth and complexity that characterizes this famous dish.

Bourguignon de Carrillera guía hedonista

A Process of Love and Dedication

The preparation of our Bourguignon de carrillera is a testament to our dedication to culinary craftsmanship. We slowly cook the cheeks until they are perfectly tender, complementing them with a rich and aromatic Bourguignon sauce, prepared with the best wines and local products. This meticulous process ensures that every bite is an unforgettable experience for the palate.

The mention of our recipe as DISH OF THE WEEK in the HEDONISTIC GUIDE of Valencia Plaza in the article written by Vicent Molins, is an honor that we share with enthusiasm. This recognition reinforces our commitment to excellence and innovation in the kitchen


Cheek Bourguignon is more than just a dish; It is an expression of our passion for French cuisine and our commitment to excellence. At Atmosphere, we will continue to explore, innovate, and share our love of gastronomy with every dish we serve.