Bluefin tuna ceviche

I give you the ingredients for 30 ceviches, which is what we usually prepare in the restaurant:

Tiger’s Milk ingredients:

3 lime juices and zests
3 lemon juices and zests
Peeled and grated ginger root (to taste, but do not overdo it. The ginger should be present but mild)
3 very finely chopped garlic cloves
Extremely finely chopped cilantro (be careful with the cilantro too; it shouldn’t overpower the other flavors)
Season to taste
The most important part of a ceviche is to make a very flavorful tiger’s milk.

Blanch 12 pear tomatoes for 30 seconds to peel them easily. Remove the seeds and cut the tomato into a half-centimeter brunoise.

Remove the veins and skin from 600 grams of red tuna and cut it into the same size as the tomato.

Peel and chop the red onion very finely (even finer than the tuna) (at l’Atmosphère, we put very little onion in the ceviche. One onion for 30 ceviches, but that’s up to personal taste. Although a ceviche must have onion by principle and foundation, I use a little because raw onion doesn’t agree with everyone.

These three ingredients are marinated for a minimum of 2 hours in tiger’s milk in the fridge.

A little before eating, cut 8 mangoes and 8 avocados into 1 cm cubes.

Drain the tuna, tomato, and onion from the tiger’s milk.

At the time of serving, mix the tuna, tomato, and onion with the mango and avocado.

Present the ceviche, plating it with a ring. (see photo)

It can be garnished with chives, lamb’s lettuce…

At l’Atmosphère, we make a garlic oil emulsion with the tiger’s milk to accompany the ceviche.

The ceviche can be made with cod, shrimp, Saint Peter’s fish…

Many customers ask me if the fish is raw. It’s not raw!

It’s not a tartar! The fish undergoes chemical cooking or marination.

At l’Atmosphère, we like to cut the fish into half-centimeter pieces so the chemical cooking reaches well to the center of the fish without marinating too long because otherwise, all the ingredients soften. Over the years of the restaurant, we’ve been testing, and this recipe I reveal to you is our most beloved.

Then, everyone can add their “pinch of salt”.

Until next time.



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14 de March de 2024